Abu-Dhabi Pro: Miami Trials

The Abu-Dhabi Pro Trials brought their show to Florida with the Miami Trials. The main goal? A trip to Dubai. The Abu-Dhabi is a one of a kind tournament, which guarantees not only cash prizes, but also a trip to Abu-Dhabi.

With such lucrative prizes at stake, it went without saying that the best Florida has to offer would show up in hopes of winning gold. It was a great tournament full of action, some close matches and even a few surprises.

Chief among them was Romulo Barral and Lucas Lepri showing up to compete in the black belt division. Both were successful in winning the trip to Abu-Dhabi by winning their division.On top of that we saw Lloyd Irvin standout, Nyah Easton capture gold. All in all it was a very entertaining weekend and we saw the high level of Jiu-jitsu that Florida has to offer!

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