2013 International Miami Open

There are only 3 days left to register for the Miami Open. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will be holding the annual Miami Open this month. One of the best tournaments in Florida, it draws many great competitors from all over Florida. Here are the details from the IBJJF website.


Athletes affiliation and Academy registration deadline:10/04/2013

Registration deadline: 10/11/2013

Athlete correction deadline: 10/12/2013

Team correction by professor: From 10/13/2013 to 10/14/2013

Registration check day: 10/16/2013

Schedule release date: 10/16/2013

Brackets release date: 10/18/2013

Click Here to become a member of the Federation or to renew your membership.

* Be advised that some athletes are required to have a membership in order to compete the list is as follows:

  • All  kids and juvenile Athletes (17 years old and younger);
  • Brown belt athletes;
  • Black belt athletes
  • All belts Brazilian residents (CBJJ)
  • All belts Italian residents (UIJJ)
  • All belts Portuguese residents (FPJJB)

For more information and to register for the Miami you can Click Here!