Interview with Ricardo Rezende


1. Thanks for taking the time to talk Ricardo, can you first tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in Jiu-Jitsu?

I was born in Brasil, city named Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso Do Sul. I was a swimming athlete, when I found Jiu-jitsu and dedicated my life to it. I began training the gentle art with Cyborg in 2003, the first Fight Sports in Campo Grande. Moved to Miami in 2009 to train with him, I’m still here training with him getting ready for the next tournaments

2. What has it been like training under Cyborg since you were young?

The first step was the year of 2003 in Brasil, since my first class I always want to be like him so I have trained with him since I was 12 years old.  I followed him and moved to Miami in 2009, still a blue belt so I could train with him. He is the best for me always, I have trained over 10 years and I’m still learning and having a lot fun training at Fight Sports, my family.

3. Did you always know you wanted to be a Jiu-Jitsu fighter?

I was born to be an athlete. My father inspired and trained me to become the greatest. My mother always supported me in my dreams, my dad taught me how to swim, play soccer, basketball, and chess.  I was always playing something since I was little. Swim competition, chess tournaments, always competing and traveling when I started Jiu-jitsu I realized that is it. This is my life, to become a black belt and travel around the world.

4. You compete a lot what has been your best achievement so far as a fighter?

Today as a black belt, it is the Grand Prix World Jiu-Jitsu Expo title that was an amazing victory. Miami Open 2013 Weight and Open class 1st place closing out with my training partner Daniel Azevedo. I placed 3rd at the Worlds NoGi 2013 fighting ultra-heavy. Which isn’t my division but was fun lol. Also:

–          Miami Open 2012 Medium Heavy champion

–          Pan American NoGi 3rd place, 2012 Heavy

–          2011 Worlds NoGi Medium Heavy 1st place brown belt

–          Pan American Medium Heavy and Open Class 1st place

–          Brown Belt World NoGi 1st place Medium Heavy and 2nd place Open Class

–          Purple Belt 2010 Pan American NoGi Champion Medium Heavy Purple

5. You recently fought at the World Jiu-jitsu Expo, can you talk about that experience?

It was great to fight over there, high level tournament. There were 10 guys in total they split in two group 4 black belts and one brown belt in each group. I had to fight everyone in my group, I had 4 fights before qualifying to the semifinal. My first fight was against James, he submitted me with a knee bar, I put my mind together and submitted my next three opponents, two arm bars and one choke. So I scored enough points to qualify with James in my group. I fought Jackson Souza and won by one advantage, really tough fight, after that I knew I have to fight James again. Cyborg inspired me to do the same thing he did in China losing in his weight but coming back stronger, I won by toe hold submission, it was a great feeling.

6. What are your goals for the future?

My future just God knows. I’m going to be working hard now so I can become who I want to be. My dream is to become a world champion at black belt but for this the only thing we can change is now, tomorrow we never know.

Thank you Ricardo!